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Featured CED VideoDisc No. 11 - Winter 1999


Firesign Theatre Hot Shorts

Hot Shorts CED This CED is a spoof of the classic Saturday Matinee cliffhanger serials by the Firesign Theatre comedy group. This comedy team composed of Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, and Philip Proctor took shortened versions of the original serials and turned them into comedies by superimposing voice overs and sound effects. The front cover of the CED shows scenes from four of the represented serials with the three members of the Firesign Theatre troupe pasted into each image. The lower left illustration shows the team flanking the incomparable Irish McCalla who earlier had starred in the 1950's Sheena TV series.

This is a somewhat rare CED, and one of the more collectible titles, but it is not a CED exclusive. Some collectors have been led to that conclusion because the work is an RCA Video Production. The disc consists of nine shorts representing well-known and obscure black & white serials from the 1930's, 40's and 50's. The following table lists the original titles of the nine serials represented, with links to their entries in the Internet Movie Database.


Serial Title Firesign Theatre Title Year
Dangers of the Canadian Mounted Mounties Catch Herpes 1948
The Black Widow Sperm Bank Holdup 1947
Spy Smasher Revenge of the Non-Smokers 1942
She Demons Nazi Diet Doctors 1958
Manhunt of Mystery Island Toy Wars 1945
Panther Girl of the Kongo Claws II 1955
Undersea Kingdom Olympic Confidential 1936
Radar Men From the Moon The Last Hand Gun on Earth 1952
King of Jungleland Heaven Is Hell 1936


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