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Tigra Astarte - the VideoDisc Cat


In Memorium:  Tigra Astarte

September 1987  to  20 February 2002   (20.02.2002 - a Palindrome)

Tigra Astarte on Sears CED Player
In 1987 my brother rescued the kittens Tigra Astarte (an Abyssinian mix) and her sister Calliope (a Calico) from a farm in Oregon where they were destined to be tossed into the river, the owner not wanting any more cats around. This was shortly after I got my first CED player, so I've always associated these cats with the CED hobby. These two became exclusive house cats, but a few months later Astarte got lost outside. I found her hiding in some bushes not far from home, and from that day forward she "adopted me," following me around home like a puppy dog to the amazement of my mother and brother.

So she was always there when I was working on those newly acquired CED players and seemed to develop an affinity for them herself. She didn't hesitate to sleep on top of a player if I had one sitting around. Astarte stayed with my mother when I moved into my own place, as it would have been lonely for her to be separated from her sister, but I always brought her over for a visit once or twice a week. She never lost her "interest" in CED players, as the above photo from June 1998 attests.

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